Dowsing Workshops

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  •  Dowsing I
  •  Dowsing II


“Dowsing” or “divining” has been used for thousands of years. It is a means of getting information with the use of a physical instrument. Though it was generally understood to be a method of finding water with a forked stick, dowsing is an effective and easy way to access and use your intuitive voice and knowing.

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In class you will:

Dowsing I:

  • Discuss the past and present history of dowsing – what it is and how it works
  •  Examine 4 types of dowsing instruments and consider their different uses
  •  Learn the three Ethics of Use.
  • Practice asking the dowsing system clear questions in order to to get accurate answers
  • Leave each class knowing six practical uses for dowsing that will benefit you and your family
  •  And of course……. Practice Dowsing !

Dowsing II:

  • Revisit the history of dowsing – considering how information from the past is specifically useful today.
  •  Examine Egyptian/Atlantean dowsing instruments and work with them in order to get a feel for their strengths.
  •  Practice the dowsing system to receive clear answers to situations particular to your life. Please bring along some questions in this regard.
  • Discuss the ways you’ve used dowsing to your advantage since last class and consider how else you can integrate this system into your life. Explore the practical uses that will open avenues for you.
  •  And of course……. Practice Dowsing !

TIME: 10 am – 4 pm

Snacks and light refreshments provided.

Please feel free to bring your own lunch if you like, or if you prefer, there are a number of health-conscious places within easy access / walking distance, about a block away.



Maralie Martin – 416-274-8069

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