Intuitive Development

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Being ‘psychically attuned’ is less about predicting the future and more about learning how to read current situations and the momentum of their energies.  Intuitive Development I, II, and III opens the door to this psychic awareness and gives you a reference point to begin this fascinating field of study.

Intuitive Development I – you will:

  • Discuss the history and stories of psychic use and the impact that psychic development can  make to your life
  • Consider why acceptance of your intuition develops better conscious control over your thoughts and gives clear information to predict future outcomes
  • Be able to outline 3 personal and 3 practical advantages for developing your intuition
  • Identify the differences between your physical, mental, emotional, higher, soul and over-soul levels.
  • Practice ‘feeling the energy’ and experience your personal energy field through the Qigong exercises: ‘Grow Your Fingers’, ‘Spiral Dragon’, and ‘Feel the Chi’
  • Discuss the importance and many advantages of staying centered and balanced. List 10 advantages of staying centered in your daily life (one being a more    attuned intuition).
  • Practice a centering technique that is done in one breath.

Intuitive Development II and III – you will continue into a deeper study.

In adventure and possibility!  Maralie Martin – 416-274-8069

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