The context for coaching is that change and challenge are constants: the variable is our ability to respond with speed and flexibility.  Coaching challenges people to face the demands of the future with new choices, new vision and new values.  Responsiveness is not enough.  The future belongs to people and organizations that create an inspire reality and influence in some significant way the structure of the new world.

We must recognize the tools required to enable us to develop our own visions.  It is key to identify the resources you bring to the endeavor and develop new strategies for implementation in a world of complexity and ambiguity.

A non-expert approach is the bold way to advance.  There are many models of excellence and effective performance in the coaching world.  Yet for the future, organizations and individuals need to work to their own models and values.  It is not enough to adopt prescriptive approaches to behavior. We must create something that transcends the latest management theory – whether at home, at work or in the community – to explore solutions that are our own.

Maralie Martin’s coaching program is about curiosity and learning. People develop a conscious understanding of their own strategies for success and learn how to apply those in areas that need more choice.  It is a non-expert approach.   There is no imposition of a particular view of the world with suggestions and advice.  Instead the process encourages exploration.

* Maralie has been successfully coaching for 30 years. She studied IN THE 80’s with Amadeus International in London, England.

In adventure and possibility!  Maralie Martin – 416-274-8069

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