Skype Connect

Absentee healing sessions, or healing from a distance, takes place when Maralie sends energy to a client, be they human or animal,  anywhere in the world at a pre-arranged time. How is this possible?  Maralie is trained to ‘read’ the ways in which a client is being blocked from wellness and to release those blocks.  This allows the body to assist itself to better health. 

If you have a Skype account ( ) we can connect anywhere on earth. This is a useful, but not necessary tool to use during couselling sessions. Some clients prefer to have visual connection and in these cases Skype works well. Sessions are one hour in length.

What is Skype?  Skype is a free piece of software that you can download. It allows you to make free calls to anyone else on Skype.  By using a webcam, there is the option of a video call.

In adventure and possibility!  Maralie Martin – 416-274-8069

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