Pet Sessions

“You calmed (C) down after she’d been anxious and upset for days. I’d been at my wit’s end. Thank you so much.” – JM”Our 15 year old dog was loosing the ability to walk up and down stairs.  Her age had brought on hip and rear leg weakness. One distance session restored her to being able to get up the stairs again without requiring help, and she’s now contentedly on her way towards her 16th birthday. Thank You!” EL

“It was like a miracle – we couldn’t believe it. When we got our kitten back from surgery, her stitches were swollen and she was completely lethargic. After you worked on her from your place, she was her old self. By the next morning the wound wasn’t even standing out and she healed really quickly. Thank you so much!” – VT

One of my doggie friends.

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