Distance Sessions

“Thank you for your support and dedication! I am still amazed that my body can react like this so quickly when you work.” RL
“I have had the pleasure of having Maralie perform healing work both in person and long distance, and in both instances she has been able to greatly help me with the bodily issues I was dealing with. During the long distance sessions I felt shifts and changes in my body, and upon talking with her at the end her summaries corresponded well with my experiences and feelings. Thank you Maralie, I truly appreciate your healing and kind presence.” Ann Christin Eng, Norway

“Maralie – Thank-you so much for your work and report. After reading what you sent me about the children today I am blown away. I read all the time and that may be the most profounldy written piece I have seen in a long time!!! I want to know more. I need to make sense of this for not only myself but all the little people who surround me everyday! They deserve that too!!!” – TG/Eastern Ontario

“Your insights probably saved my life. As you suggested I did see a doctor. Thank you.” MT / New York,NY

“You staved off the flu so I could enjoy the rest of my holiday. Thank you!” – VT / Estonia

“Hello Maralie!! – The energy shifts in my parents were just… downright incredible!!.. They had actually been sleeping in different rooms, and not eating together – and my dad actually moved back in and they are now having meals together again.. incredible!!>. :))) ..thank you SO MUCH Maralie!” – GM / Toronto, ON

“My stomach was aching so badly I didn’t think you could help it at all. The pain had been there 2 days before I called you. The pain is now gone completely! How can I thank you?” ZK . Don Mills, ON

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