In-Person Sessions


In-Person sessions are available in downtown Toronto.  Sessions are one-hour in length and are lead by client concerns and requirement. Some clients come in with a list of stresses, physical ailments, pains, or limitations they wish to overcome; while others arrive wanting to see where ‘following the energy’ will take them.

Since Maralie has trained in a number of modalities it is not uncommon for her to use several different methods during one treatment.  Decided upon intuitively on a client-by-client basis, this offers deep release and relaxation on many levels. An exception to this is ‘Running the Bars’, an Access Consciousness modality that stands alone in its process.

Clients often find the work begins before they arrive at their session.  They may notice emotional or mental processing that might seem unusual, but is preparing them for their appointment – since a higher intuitive or mental insight is in place.

To book a session, email or call 416-274-8069.

In adventure and possibility!  

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