Pet Energy Work

Animals React Quickly and Easily to Energy Work

Pets are very much more in-tune with their bodies and surroundings than the majority of humans,  and they respond positively to the effects of energy sessions.  I work mainly on cats and dogs and have had results that are often astounding.  Using animal acupuncture charts, client information and my intuition, I bring into balance that which is out of balance.  I usually work by distance and find that animals respond quickly. I must note that I do not recommend foods / medications / supplements etc, as that is the expertise, training and jurisdiction of veterinarians.  Here are some examples of happy clients …………..

One 15 year old canine was loosing the ability to walk up and down stairs.  Her age had brought on hip and rear leg weakness. One distance session restored her to being able to get up the stairs again without requiring help, and she’s now contentedly on her way towards her 16th birthday.

– While playing outside, a sweet and very adventurous kitty became snagged  in wires that tore her skin and ligaments of her right thigh.  After surgery, back at home she was in pain and could barely move.  She loved her session so much she got up and ran around  (which I didn’t really think was the best thing for her to do!) but she was bound and determined to keep on exploring.

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