Meditation workshops are designed to to give you daily tools that will assist you to focus with clarity, to relax and de-stress you,  to assist both in your daily life and on your meditative paths, and to inwardly examine practical areas of  life and bring you into new levels of consciousness, relaxation and awareness. When you come […]

Pet Energy Work

Animals React Quickly and Easily to Energy Work Pets are very much more in-tune with their bodies and surroundings than the majority of humans,  and they respond positively to the effects of energy sessions.  I work mainly on cats and dogs and have had results that are often astounding.  Using animal acupuncture charts, client information and […]

Additional Modalities

I have a very specific way of working, a variational method I’ve devised over many years of practice and one that continues to evolve.  As the photo says, it involves the whole –  mind, body and soul. I began calling the modality Energy Realignment over 15 years ago. That being said, I’ve also obtained certification and studied several […]

Healing Oils

BEST ADVICE :  As winter comes upon us, use peppermint, clove and oregano to help stave off flu and colds. “My son was deployed to Iraq. I sent Young Living Oil peppermint oil with him to add to his drinking water. He’s told me he’s the only one not to have black mold in his […]

Class on the Top of the Hill

Current Courses

 Further your journey into a new levels of consciousness, relaxation and awareness! Classes Running Regularly – Please Contact Me For Details: (see further explanation in ‘Courses’)   Intuition I –  / 10 – 4 / $100   …….      Intuition II –  / 10 – 4 / $100 Dowsing I – / 10 – 4 / $100    ……..      Dowsing […]

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