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BEST ADVICE :  As winter comes upon us, use peppermint, clove and oregano to help stave off flu and colds.

My son was deployed to Iraq. I sent Young Living Oil peppermint oil with him to add to his drinking water. He’s told me he’s the only one not to have black mold in his canteen”………..

“My husband is a miner and we’ve used a compress of Peppermint, Lavender, Melrose and Thieves for his lungs. He feels and breathes so much better that I recommended it to my mechanic too. Everyone who works in toxic air  should be using these products.“………..

“Increadible for black mould. I had some in my bathroom and Thieves cleaned it easily! I’ll NEVER use bleach again!”

          Info: www.youngliving.org/maraliemartin

Our limbic lobe (the emotional control centre of the brain) reacts to all 5 senses – smell being one. Essential oils have been used through history to assist everything from anxiety, diseases, depression, fatigue and stress, to uplift, to bring calm and clarity, and in beauty products and diffusing the air to add scent and to clear bacterias.

Certain high grade essential oils are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, energizing, and much more.  When I feel a cold coming on I put clove oil or oregano oil in my drinking water*.  If my stomach if off, peppermint oil is dropped into my mouth or glass of H2O*.  Instead of using a Febreeze-like product, I pop some lemon oil into my spray bottle to freshen my bed or sofa or clothes in the dryer. I use Thieves to clean the mold that comes up in the bathrooms and basement.

Over many years of experimentation, I’ve found therapeutic healing essential oils a must as a regular part of my repertoire for both myself and my clients. Though local health stores usually carry essential oils  they are generally not therapeutic grade (there are 3 grades of oils, therapeutic being the highest). The quality of the product is paramount if you are looking for sound results. There are very few companies that produce such products, the one I have chosen to work with is Young Living Oils. It is a company of integrity.

NOTE: DO NOT take any oils internally other than the Young Living Oils that have an individual internal intake recommendation.

The Top 5 I Wouldn’t be Without for my Personal Use are:

Peppermint – invigorating, assists digestion, good for nausea and headaches, eases tension, promotes healthy respiratory function and is cooling on the back of the neck during menopausal sweats or hot summer days.

Lavender –  probably the most versatile oil – relaxing for stress and anxiety,  cleansing and soothing on burns and skin irritations, relaxing scent is calming (I put some on my pillow at night), kills airborne bacteria.

Clove –  has antiseptic properties, boosts the body’s natural defenses, regulates the body’s response to stress, excellent for toothaches, can be used in cooking.

Lemon – taken internally is an excellent source of d-limonene (believed to boost the body’s natural defenses), promotes energy and mental clarity, a wonderful room scent, can be used in cooking.

Thieves – a powerful blend of 5 oils:  diffuse to kill dangerous airborne bacteria,  inhale for respiratory assistance, apply on the bottom of the feet for internal support.

How to Purchase Young Living Essential Oils

The oils and other products from Young Living be purchased quickly and easily online at www.youngliving.org/maraliemartin . Please call or email me if you have any questions.  Maralie Martin – member #555648)

Simply click on the link above to create your account as either a Preferred Customer (retail prices) or as a Distributor (wholesale prices and business opportunity).


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