Energy Realignment

As a deep consciousness intuitive my work is not easy to define, as is possible with more common holistic modalities. 

Deep consciousness intuitive means to me that there is no one informational source from which I receive a reading. I reach into the many ‘files’ of a client’s energy and follow as I am lead. There is no one modality I use -and I work completely by instinct. One client may require Tong Ren along with a past life clearing before balancing.  Another may have entities and I will go in to find them another place to live before I’m able to work with the client’s physical body.  People often have ‘hot spots’ where their systems are blocked and while work will begin there, we then go in and have a look to see why the blockage was present. Excepting when I run the Bars TM (which stands alone), each session includes as many different ways of working as are required. And I keep being taught new ways to proceed every day!

A  tool I use regularly is a pendulum. As a decades-long dowser, using reference books, I’m frequently asked to find information that is useful to doctors and other practitioners. (This is such a magnificent tool I teach it as often as I can to pass its gifts along.)  

All of the above, and more than there is space to explain, realigns the energy of the client – hence Energy Realignment……… Give it a try!

 “Maralie works with those who are ready to delve into places few healers are able to go.” Ellie Drew: International Author/Teacher.

In adventure and possibility!  Maralie Martin – 416-274-8069

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