In Person Sessions

“It was a week ago today you gave me the gift of your visit…I loved our session so much and have reflected about it much since. Thank you for literally picking me up off the floor and tucking me into a much needed restful sleep.” – JR

“The energy has stayed with me for quite some time, both physically (a lovely integrated flowing feeling) and at an emotional/spirit level (very peaceful). It is wonderful. My hip is a quantum leap better, just barely reminding me it is there and so I am telling it that it on the way to total recover!Thanks for all the great work you are doing for me, my family and my friend!” -JLM

“Thank you for your encouragement. I feel since I met you I have been moving in a totally new direction.” – IM

“It is with the greatest gratitude that I thank you again for helping me. An indication that it has worked is the change in my parent’s attitude this morning. They usually get in a fuss in the morning and for the first time in awhile they were calm, cool and collected!

Maralie, it is without a doubt that I would recommend your services to my colleagues and friends. I think everyone needs to de-stress and put balance into his or her life from time to time and you’re just to person to aid in their endeavors. Thank you so much again. Words can not express how appreciative I truly am to you and our Higher Being for helping my family and me.” – SH

“I’ve had as much improvement in the last week as I’ve had in the last several months and I haven’t been back to the chiropractor, so obviously your healing is still working.” – MB

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